A static pressure relieving cushion using the latest technology of both foams and gel.

The 4 section gel membrane prevents excessive movement of the gel, allowing for a more stable and upright posture.

It uses the unique combination of foam and gel with a visco elastic memory foam top support surface.

The cushion is suitable for patients up to, and including, high/very high risk of developing pressure ulcers.

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*Use 'Risk Level' in conjunction with clinical judgement.

Xtreme Fabric Cover

Xtreme fabric incorporates infection control and anti-decubitus characteristics. Xtreme Fabric Coatings are anti-microbial and offer extended life compared to traditional formulations, with increased resilience to frequent or prolonged exposure of 10,000 ppm of active chlorine.

Xtreme fabric with welded seams ensure SelMed 172 Gel conforms to the most stringent infection prevention policies.

Multi-stretch, Waterproof & Vapour Permeable Cover

The multi-stretch cover reduces friction and shear as the Cared For move/are repositioned. Waterproof and vapour permeable properties helps control moisture build up.

Machine Washable Cover up to 95°C

Ensures covers can be cleaned and decontaminated effectively to aid infection prevention.

  • 3.5” (9cm) depth
  • Multi-stretch, waterproof & vapour permeable cover
  • Welded seams
  • Gel membrane comprising 4 separate sections to prevent excessive movement of gel
  • Controlled movement of gel allows for a more stable and upright posture for the patient
  • Non-slip base
  • Bespoke sizes available to order
  • Bariatric sizes available
Product Code
Visco Elastic Memory Foam & CME base
Foam Density Surface
Foam Density Base
4 individual sections covering 80% of inner surface area
Maximum Weight Limit
178kg (28 stone)
Cover Material
Xtreme polyurethane coated multi-stretch nylon
Cushion Dimensions
432 x 432 x 90mm

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