Select Medical have created a comprehensive range of dynamic and static pressure care mattress and cushion systems. All our pressure care support surfaces match quality and value. A collection of manual handling equipment and profiling beds complement our systems. All designed with you in mind.

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Choosing the right pressure relieving mattresses for those you care for is an important decision. So for carers, being able to make fast and accurate decisions starts with a phone call to the right people. The problems caused by pressure ulcers (bed sores) are widely known. Not only are these chronic wounds painful, but they also affect a persons well-being, severely impacting their quality of life. We have a range of pressure relieving mattresses. We are specialists in dynamic mattresses, crossover mattresses and static mattresses. All our support surfaces help create a better everyday life for the care provider, carer and the cared for. Our systems are easy to use, clinically effective and certified to all current standards. The range of brands suit the many different demands of all types of care establishments including hospital, hospice, nursing home and even your own home too.
You can also read our Guide to Pressure Care for further help and advice.

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