Our Approach

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At Select Medical we believe a pressure care company should be about more than just providing support surfaces – there’s a much bigger role for us to play. That’s why you’ll hear a lot about our unique C3 approach, an ambition to benefit everyone.

When we talk about everyone, we think of the care provider, the carer, and the cared for.

So how can we make everyone better off and keep our C3 philosophy firmly in our sights?

It’s something we aspire to achieve each and every day in the work we do and how we do it. We all share the responsibility to have a positive impact on people, both inside and outside of our organisation. You’ll still see us doing the important things you would expect of a pressure care company, but you’ll also see the unexpected too. You’ll see us doing things other companies in this field don’t, and looking at things in ways others won’t.

Why? It’s simple. We have a different objective – a bigger idea behind our business. Something we practice everyday throughout the entire organisation and in everything we do.

C3 is the value of helping to create a positive outcome for everyone. People like you.

Want to learn more? See how we put the C3 approach into practice.