Pure Air Extra Care

Pure Air ‘Extra Care’ specialised support surfaces meet individual care needs, no matter what your requirements.

  • Solutions for Bariatric, Paediatric, Smaller Adult & End of Life Care
  • Centred around individual care
  • A bespoke solution to preventing and treating pressure ulcers for the few not the many
  • Bespoke sizes made to measure for meeting individual clinical needs
  • Suitable for hospital, hospice & community

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Extra Care_Small
Extra Care is a pathway designed to provide individual care.

These bespoke bariatric, paediatric and low-air loss pressure relieving mattresses are designed with the care provider, carer and the cared for in mind. They create positive outcomes for everyone. Pure Air ‘Extra Care’ prevents unnecessary additional budgetary expense through ad-hoc purchases. Early intervention for specific patient groups enables cross-disciplinary collaboration in all phases of the mattress procurement project, from a trusted partner in pressure care.

Extra Care helps avoid common care industry issues such as non-conformance due to delays in equipment delivery or sign-offs and lack of traceability when procuring expensive off-contract purchases; significantly reducing delay and associated cost overruns. Moreover, it helps reduce distress to patients suffering the effects of pressure damage, leading to all-round better care.

Underpinned by our C3 approach, Extra Care is an essential element in our ambition to benefit everyone.


Pure Air 'Extra Care' Support Surfaces