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A comprehensive collection of clinically effective therapeutic pressure care brands designed for you and your care environment – exclusively by Select Medical.

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~ Vision and consideration for the care provider, carer and the cared for – combined to create peerless value, performance and comfort from a true alternating pressure mattress.

~ A range of pressure care brands that balance upfront expenditure with lifecycle costs for continued high levels of care, across all care settings, whilst providing enhanced peace of mind with up to three years warranty.

Select Medical recognise the importance of matching individual clinical needs. At a time when financial budgets are squeezed tight, across health and social care generally, our focus of working closely with professional wound care teams to deliver the right pressure relief mattress brands at the right price is paramount. It is vitally important to us that our pressure mattress brands provide meaningful differences to improve quality and safety of care. Accordingly, our brands cater for the different needs of Acute, Community, Hospice and Nursing Home care establishments.

Our objective for a pressure relieving mattress or cushion is to help create a better everyday life and our clients recognise the great qualities our brands deliver. We aim to help you achieve excellence in the critical area of patient care and our pressure care mattresses are supported with carefully selected ancillary healthcare equipment for all-round excellent patient care.

Pure Air – Extra Care

Pure Air ‘Extra Care’ specialised support surfaces meet individual care needs, no matter what your requirements. Solutions for Bariatric, Paediatric, Smaller Adult & End of Life Care Centred around individual care A bespoke solution to preventing and treating pressure ulcers...

Pure Air

Pure Air pressure relieving mattresses are designed for enhanced durability and are perfect for the most demanding environments, in particular NHS hospital equipment pools and community loan stores. Pure Air offers the cared for the best in terms of comfort...


Simpulse is designed for reliability and is ideal for nursing homes where minimal interruption to patient care and long-term value for money is required. Although popular amongst larger nursing home groups, Simpulse pressure relieving mattress systems are a great fit...


OLA is ideal for independent nursing and care homes, where efficacy and patient care needs to be balanced with value for money. Established over 10 years, OLA is the mattress of choice for many types of care establishments across the...


Alongside Select Medical’s premium dynamic pressure care brands of Simpulse and Pure Air, we have arranged a carefully selected collection of static pressure care systems under our exclusive SelMed label. SelMed features high quality static mattresses and cushions, profiling beds...