auditingAuditing a mattress checking pressure levelsOur Audit Team takes care of large scale mattress auditing, incorporating both Dynamic and Static mattresses and, if required, other equipment too.

We work hard to provide a speedy and efficient audit service.
Using suitably calibrated measuring equipment and established
management processes we are able to deliver these projects on
time, with minimal inconvenience.

During the audit we check:

1.The density of the foam on all statics (using the Mount Vernon Criteria, recognised by the NHS)

2. All covers for fluid ingress which is particularly important for infection control

3. Pressure levels in air/dynamic mattresses

4. All cells and air hoses for leaks


After the audit we provide you with a full list of all the mattresses and their condition, highlighting those that need attention immediately and those that will require attention shortly. This can help Care Providers plan and budget for any future work required.

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