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Investing in the Future


Select Medical started as a small owner managed business in 2001 and since then has steadily grown. The company was...

Latest Free Poster for Care Homes


We’ve created a new poster on mattress moving and handling and basic mattress safety and it’s available to order free...

Free Resources for Care Homes


With a prevalence of 60% of residents in nursing and care homes at risk of developing pressure ulcers [1], we...

Preventing Pressure Ulcers in Nursing Homes


The UK Office for National Statistics says that improvements in lifestyle and healthcare mean the UK’s population is getting older. In...

Infographic on the Cost of Pressure Ulcers


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Avoiding Heel Pressure Ulcers


A pressure ulcer is a localised injury to the skin and/or underlying tissue that usually develops over a bony prominence...

Caring for your dynamic, pressure relieving mattress


In order to get the best out of your dynamic, pressure relieving mattress, as well as ensure the safety of...

The Importance of Nutrition in Pressure Ulcer Management


Pressure ulcers (or bed sores as they are commonly known) occur for a number of complex reasons. This means there...

Seating and Pressure Ulcers


Often when you think about medical equipment that can aid you in the complex job of pressure ulcer prevention and...

Pressure Ulcer Quick Quiz


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