Paediatric Mattress

Many pressure ulcers/sores are preventable and with careful pressure care management, your child’s risk of pressure damage, or those children you care for, can be greatly reduced.

Select Medical manufacture industry leading pressure relieving paediatric mattresses, incorporating specially designed air cells for effective pressure ulcer management and unrivalled comfort for young children and smaller adults. Through talking to, and working closely with, our carer network we have successfully managed to create a smaller, narrower air cell that provides optimal support and enhanced comfort for the cared for.

Our alternating pressure relieving paediatric mattress systems are supplied across many healthcare establishments in cluding NHS hospital and community, hospice and nursing homes.

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It is important to note that pressure ulcers are not just a problem associated with elderly people. Anybody with a condition that restricts movement and the ability to change position regularly is at risk of developing a pressure sore – people of all ages!

A pressure ulcer can occur when constant pressure is applied to a particular area of the skin for prolonged periods. Our alternating paediatric pressure mattress systems are designed to reduce the risk of a pressure injury in children and the smaller adult. Additional risk factors to pressure damage occuring in children include poor blood flow, friction and shear forces that all add to how quickly tissue damage can develop. In children and even young babies the risk of pressure ulcer development can be higher amongst those with spina bifida, a spinal injury, neurological damage or any other condition which restricts their ability to move.

If you are a carer looking to reduce these risks and are searching for an appropriate alternating pressure paediatric mattress, Pure Air 6 Paediatric and LiteAir can prove to provide a perfect solution.

Pure Air 6 Paediatric

At 180cm long, Pure Air 6 Paediatric is a specialist replacement mattress system specifically designed to fit paediatric profiling beds...

Pure Air 6 Lite Air

Pure Air 6 Lite Air is a specialist replacement, pressure relieving mattress system. It’s designed specifically to give optimum therapy...

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