Bariatric Mattresses

Select Medical is a UK leader in bariatric pressure relieving mattresses and cushions for the prevention and management of pressure ulcers. We offer both air pressure mattress systems and static bariatric mattress systems, specially designed for the plus size person.

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Our alternating and static bariatric pressure relieving mattress systems are supplied across many healthcare establishments including NHS hospital and community, hospice and nursing homes. Our rebranded Pure Air 120 (Select Altair Bariatric) and static foam SelMed bariatric pressure redistribution mattresses are available in various widths, including 120cm and double mattress widths of 135cm & 150cm (Pure Air) & 140cm (SelMed).

Looking for a Bespoke Sized Bariatric Mattress?

For a made to measure bariatric mattress in either static high density foam or alternating pressure relieving, please contact us today.

SelMed 120 Bariatric

The SelMed 120 Bariatric pressure relieving mattress is a static, non-turning, replacement mattress made from multi-stretch and vapour permeable fabric...

Pure Air 120 Bariatric Mattress

Pure Air 120 is a specialist replacement bariatric mattress, designed specifically to give pressure relief and optimum therapy for heavier,...

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