Pure Air pressure relieving mattresses are designed for enhanced durability and are perfect for the most demanding environments, in particular NHS hospital equipment pools and community loan stores. Pure Air offers the cared for the best in terms of comfort and therapy.

  • Premium pressure redistribution system.
  • Whisper quiet pumps with intelligent pressure management software.
  • Tough and durable PU air cells for unparalleled reliability, comfort and efficacy.
  • Patented high frequency welded PU air cells for long lasting use over many years.

Pure Air Support Surfaces

Pure Air 8

Pure Air 8 sits at the top of our premium alternating pressure mattress range. It’s a total replacement dynamic mattress,...

Pure Air 7

Pure Air 7, is a dynamic mattress system giving both optimum therapy for patients and peace of mind with a...

Pure Air 17²

The Pure Air 17², at the top of the range, is a dynamic pressure relieving cushion designed for patients who...

Pure Air 20²

The Pure Air 20², at the top of the range, is a bariatric pressure relieving cushion specifically designed for heavier...

Flexi by Pure Air

Flexi is an advanced crossover mattress born out of our high end Pure Air range. Innovative in its design, this...

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