pressure relieving matttress

OLA is ideal for independent nursing and care homes, where efficacy and patient care needs to be balanced with value for money. Established over 10 years, OLA is the mattress of choice for many types of care establishments across the country.

  • Cost effective pressure relieving mattresses
  • Quiet pumps with easy to use analogue design
  • Dynamic nylon/pvc air cells offer a resilient and effective pressure care support surface
  • Air cells are durable, wipe-clean and provide a comfortable surface for the cared for

OLA Support Surfaces


OLA 8, at the top of the OLA range, is a total replacement pressure relief mattress. It provides optimum therapy...


The OLA 4 is a popular pressure relieving mattress overlay. It’s suitable for patients up to, and including, high risk of...

OLA 6 Visco

The OLA Visco is a high grade, non-turning mattress designed to provide exceptional pressure reduction and patient comfort, reducing the...

OLA 6 Static

The OLA 6 is a static pressure relieving mattress. This popular standard entry-level support surface is made from CMHR foam,...

OLA 17² Static

The OLA 17² Static pressure care cushion uses high density foam to deliver effective pressure reduction and benefits from having...

OLA 17²

The OLA 17² is an alternating pressure relieving cushion designed for those patients who are up to, and including, very high...

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