Posted in: October 2015

What’s an Active & Reactive Surface? The Alternating Pressure Relieving Mattress & Static Foam Mattress Explained


I have come across many alternating pressure relieving mattress systems during my 20+ years working in the pressure care industry...

A new pressure mattress range and a fresh look, but the same core values – what is C3 by Select Medical and what does it represent?


Select Medical is a small, but responsive forward thinking organisation, and for over 10 years, has quietly built a growing...

Obesity UK: Bariatric Care – It’s a major problem


The topic of obesity here in the UK is widely reported, and just last week Select Medical sponsored a Bariatric...

How our C3 values help you to make better informed decisions


In July this year, I spotted a half page advert in the Daily Telegraph, with the headline – Have you...

Is imitation a form of flattery or simply annoying?


In this post, I am faced with the question; is imitation really is the highest form of flattery? Let me...

NEW website look portrays our message


The formula for a ‘better everyday life’ begins with Select Medical… It’s a fact that as a civilisation we are...

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